5 Tips for doing rope skipping/jumping properly

Jumping Rope is one of the sports that is quite popular and is very often done by the public. Does not require a large fee and can be done anywhere is one of the attractions of this sport. Rope Jump Sports or simply can be called Skipping sports is done by using the help of a rope that is rotated or moved as an obstacle from the jump made by using both of our hands as the axis. Meanwhile, you can visit sportlifeadviser.com if you’re looking for a reliable buyer’s guide to buy jump ropes, so you will be able to find a fine jump rope which suits your needs and budget.


Practically, almost all people know and understand how to do this sport. However, here will be discussed a little about how to do the correct jump rope exercise. How to? The following is the explanation:

1. Start by standing upright in a strapping position as both hands hold the end of the rope.

2. Place the rope behind our body, this position is also called the prefix position.

3. Swing the rope forward and jump, the swung rope is used as a jumping hurdle.

4. Do it without stepping on the rope, do it until it reaches approximately 20 jumps (the number of jumps depends on the ability of each).

5. Stop turning the rope and jump if you feel tired enough, take a break before continuing to jump again.

Just like other sports, the benefits of Jump Rope or Skipping sports are also very much for the human body.

Below will be mentioned and explained about the benefits we can get from Jump Rope or Skipping sports:

1. Lose Weight.
2. Increase Capability.
3. Tighten Muscles.
4. Optimizing Energy in the Body.
5. Form a Body.
6. Increasing Height.
7. Increase Fertility.
8. Prevent Osteoporosis.
9. Increases Stamina and Body Balance.
10. Improve Brain Performance.

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