3 Tips When taking care of the Elderly

Caring for elderly parents does have its own way, apart from our busy work while caring for parents also requires extra patience. Because parents when they are elderly, it is not uncommon for their behavior to resemble children. In the meantime, check out the tools for adaptive living as well.


So this time we have some tips that hopefully can be practiced in caring for elderly people who are elderly.

1. Don’t argue, just listen

Elderly people sometimes like to talk, even seem to be fussy to some people. This is because they have experienced a lot of things and feel that they know more about something than their children.

When dealing with parents like this, we should not respond casually or even pout them fussy. It’s because actually, we are when children like that.

When we are little children, we often comment on whatever happens to our environment. The worst thing is that we comment on things without understanding what we comment on, even tend to be inconsequential, and our parents patiently listen to us.

Now, let us, as children, also listen to our elderly parents when they talk. Don’t be denied or yelled at, because it can hurt him. God willing, this will be a reward for you.

2. Talk to them with polite words

Our elderly parents may talk about anything. Sometimes things won’t escape their comments.

Or sometimes they have reduced hearing, so we have to slightly increase the volume of our voices when talking to them.

These two things should not make us speak harshly to our parents. Be patient, God willing, it will be a reward with great rewards for our children.

3. Answer each of their questions, even though they are repeated

Our parents who are elderly, sometimes a little-diminished vision, hearing, and memory. So that sometimes if it’s unclear, you will keep asking repeatedly.

Sometimes our parents who are elderly, even forget their children by asking “Who is this?” If that happens, answer patiently and politely.

Remember that even when we were little like that, and our parents were not at all angry. If we say the same thing and ask the same question repeatedly.

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