Some myths and facts about low watt AC

Although the principle of how it works is the same, there is a difference between low watt AC and standard AC, namely in the compressor. At low wattage air conditioners, compressors use smaller electric power but must strengthen the performance of the fan in the outdoor unit. Meanwhile, check out the air conditioning repair near your area as well.

It’s because the compressor is low power, the compressor automatically has to work longer to cool the room. Thus, the desired temperature will only be reached longer than the standard AC. Based on logic, then the time period needed is longer than not necessarily the low wattage AC will be more economical.

Indeed, in terms of electricity consumption costs, usage within the same time period can help you save up to 20% per month. However, if you are not satisfied with the desired temperature level, not necessarily low wattage AC according to your expectations.

Low Watt AC can work as well as AC Standard.


As explained above, the low-wattage AC compressor has lower power and takes longer to cool the room. This means that low-wattage air conditioners do not work with the same results as AC Standard.

Low Watt AC definitely is AC which is suitable for all homes or rooms.


Actually, this Low Watt AC innovation is raised more on the reason that homes with low electric power can use AC and not on electricity savings that are very significant.

If your home has low electrical power, then a low watt AC is very suitable to install. But if there is sufficient electricity, you will usually be advised to choose a standard AC or AC inverter.

Low wattage AC is also more suitable for use in rooms that are only used not too long, such as office space in homes, living rooms, karaoke rooms, children’s playrooms etc. Activities in the room usually do not exceed 3 hours and do not have to be very cold.

If a low watt AC is installed in a living room with a window or sunlight, a bedroom, or the main room that is large in size, then the cold temperature will not be able to reach the maximum so that it disrupts the family routine because it is hot.