Tips for reducing the power consumption of your AC


The smaller the AC PK size you buy, the smaller the electricity consumption. One way to save home AC electricity is to buy the lowest PK air conditioner, which is ½ PK. This can be a solution for those of you who have rooms under 10 m2. Although the AC with the lowest PK is indeed energy efficient compared to AC with a larger PK size, you still have to adjust the AC PK size according to the area of your room. AC 1/2 PK will not be useful if used to cool a room measuring 24 m2. On the other hand, you can go to if you require excellent financing tips.

Well, for those of you who have difficulty to determine the size of the PK when you want to buy air conditioning, measure the size of the room that will be fitted with AC first.

Avoid Adjusting the Temperature Below 24 Degrees

I mean you want to cool the room with AC, but the use of electricity is becoming increasingly wasteful. Well, this can be caused by incorrect temperature settings. Take your AC remote and check the temperature settings.

Setting the AC temperature below 24 degrees Celsius will only make electricity use more wasteful. How to save home AC electricity is to adjust the temperature of the AC not less than 24 degrees Celsius. Use a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature setting. Don’t set the AC temperature to 23, 22, especially 16 degrees Celsius if you don’t want your electricity bill to soar.

Choose AC with Energy Saving Feature

When you want to buy air conditioning, ask the shop staff to explain each feature on the AC-AC that you choose. Different brands and types, also different features available. One of the features that must be in an air conditioner is the energy saving feature, aka low wattage. Low wattage air conditioners are equipped with compressors that use less electricity than standard air conditioners. In fact, energy-efficient air conditioners can save 20-30% electricity consumption every month.

However, you need to remember that low wattage air conditioners are generally priced at more expensive prices.