Foods that good for enhancing focus and concentration

Banana is not only popular but also popular with many people. Bananas not only have a satiety effect but are also important for health including brain health clicking here . In every 100 grams of bananas, there is about 1.7 mg of serotonin which is good for increasing brain ability and higher concentration. Serotonin is also known as a hormone that triggers pleasure. Consumption of 1-2 bananas each day can improve the quality of brain work. Apart from that, check out your domain name by the time you want to buy an excellent nitric oxide supplement.


Many people say if there is no chili, then the food does not taste good. Consumption of chili is not only useful as a complementary dish but also useful for enlarging blood vessels in parts of the human brain. Inside the chili, there is an active component in the form of capsaicin which is useful for stimulating the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are a type of hormone that is useful for increasing one’s optimism and passion.


Basil is another type of herbal that is good for brain health. Inside the basil, there is an essential oil content that is useful to help someone get rid of worry, anxiety, and bad mood. Amazingly essential oils can also be used to increase one’s focus.


Especially for women, chocolate is one type of food that can not be separated from daily activities. Chocolate actually has the ability to increase a person’s mental activity and health. Chocolate mixed with sugar has benefits in rebalancing brain metabolism. It is recommended to consume 2-3 cups of chocolate drinks every day or you can also consume chocolate in the form of sticks.


Pineapple contains substances that are good for brain health. The amino acid tryptophan contained in pineapple fruit can induce relaxation and calmness for consumption. You can consume 250 gr of pineapple every day, whether it is processed or fresh.


Coconut is one type of spice that contains essential oils in it. This content can help someone to get freshness and a good mood. Amazingly, coconut is also useful in increasing one’s concentration. Consumption of coconut by mixing it into sugar water. Not only for drinking purposes, but coconut can also be used for cooking purposes.