The Most Feared Tribe in the World Because of its Magic!

Magic is always an exciting debate. Many people believe in a power beyond reason, there are those who do not believe because it cannot be proven, and there are others who just believe. Apart from the debate itself, sorcery feels very close to the tribes in the world who still live in a natural way. Anyone? They can compile their own dating system, and have a sophisticated development technology and urban planning. Besides that, the Mayans were also famous for their magic abilities. Reportedly they can call for the rain and the bright weather with the ceremony. The ceremony was carried out by Toltec, the elder, by offering the human heart to the gods. The Maasai are nomadic tribes that live between Kenya and Tanzania. This tribe still adheres to their customs. The culture is unique, the Maasai tribe has a god named Enkai. By reading the mantra in the form of prayers on Enkai, this tribe is believed to have the power to run fast, jump high, be immune and be good at war. However, do you know that using magic is very unhealthy? Because the effect can interfere with daily life, therefore you need to remove black magic from us to avoid the dangers of black magic.

Indians are native to the American continent. Actually, the Indians themselves were divided into various tribes that had different cultures. But among these tribes, there is a magic named Na Munda which is a kind of witchcraft curse magic. The person who was exposed to Na Munda’s magic instantly disappeared without a trace. The terrible magic possessed by the Gypsy tribe named Lamia. With that magic, the spellcaster can send unbearable pain until his vital organs are damaged. A medium is an object belonging to the target. Shamans are trusted by society as someone who has supernatural abilities. They are often called “smart people”. They can communicate with supernatural beings, or are considered able to predict the future. But the profession that these people are involved in is not always negative. They can help other people to get sick, be disturbed by spirits, lose things, bring rain, or disturb other magic.

Shamans in Kenya are different. In 2008, 11 people were burned by the mob for allegedly practicing black magic. Burned alive! Then in 2013, this situation happened again. The target is a woman. He was stripped naked and paraded after being accused of undergoing a dukun profession. In the same year, men were burned and the event was watched by many people. The accusation is similar: shaman!

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